Traveler Information

Mayflower Tours wants to provide you with information that is designed to make your vacation more enjoyable.

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Your Tour Manager

All Mayflower Tours Managers have been carefully selected and specially trained in the skills that assure a carefree, enjoyable trip. They are knowledgeable, understanding and devoted to making this a relaxing and memorable tour. They supervise the handling of luggage, take care of check-in and departure from hotels, reconfirm included meals, and brief you on the daily events and timetables during the tour. They will assist with transportation logistics at the beginning and end of your tour. They are happy to assist in suggesting restaurants, ideas for free time, or simply look after reasonable special requests. He or she will do all that is possible to accommodate you.

Luggage Information

You are welcome to bring a normal-sized suitcase as well as a small carry-on bag. The handling of the normal-sized suitcase will be our responsibility, and the carry-on will be yours. Simply attach the Mayflower Tours luggage tag to your suitcase before leaving home. We will see to it that your suitcase arrives where and when you do. Your Tour Manager or bell man will arrange for the suitcase to get to your room. On travel days, your Tour Manager will give you the time your bag should be available for pick-up by the bell man.

The carry-on bag is allowed on the motorcoach. Carry-on storage is very limited, bags with wheels will not fit in the overhead compartments. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PACK ANY MEDICATION IN YOUR CARRY-ON OR CARRY IT WITH YOU.

Note: If you are traveling on an air tour, airlines have strict regulations concerning luggage weight allowance. You may be asked to pay an additional fee at the airport if your luggage weight exceeds 70 pounds (50 pounds on some airlines). In addition, your checked bag cannot exceed 62 linear inches (length + width + depth). Please check with your airline to verify weight and size restrictions.

Incidental Charges

While staying at your lodging, costs you incur for phone calls, room service, cable TV movie charges, in-room bar, laundry, and other special services are your responsibility. Please take care of these charges as soon as possible, either the night before or on the morning of departure, being mindful that your tour's departure is not delayed.

Tips on Tipping

When people go out of their way to do their best, providing extra service with a smile, you like to reward them for a job well done. Since most people would like to say a special "thank you" to their Tour Manager and driver, may we suggest the following guidelines: A gratuity of $3 to $5 per person per day for your Tour Manager; $2 per person per day for your driver. These individuals are with you throughout the entire tour, so please use your own judgment and tip according to services rendered. Please handle this on an individual basis - the best way to present this gratuity is in an envelope with your name on it. We request that group collections not be taken. You may also wish to reward a step-on guide with a $1 per person gratuity for their contribution to the tour.

Gratuities for included meals and luggage handling at all hotels are included in your tour cost. Not included are tips for luggage handling at all airports, maid service, services of a personal nature, meals or drinks that are not included as part of the tour, gratuities to Tour Managers, drivers and step-on guides.

Please note that many airlines now have a charge for curbside check-in, typically $2 per bag. This is a fee imposed by the airline and does not include the gratuity to the skycap that assists you with check-in.

Airport Security

Travelers using most major airports are now required to have an airline-issued boarding pass prior to clearing security checkpoints. Computer generated itineraries, e-ticket receipts or paper tickets are no longer sufficient to pass security, the boarding pass must be issued first. Boarding passes can be issued by either airline personnel at the ticket counter or electronically using the self-service kiosks located nearby.

Travelers are also subject to random searches at security checkpoints.

Air Ticketing

Let Mayflower Tours complete your travel experience by arranging air transportation from your hometown. Our air reservations staff will be happy to work with you to find the most cost effective and convenient departure and flight schedule. Best of all, we are able to secure rates that are rarely offered to the general public.

Transportation Information

No matter what tour you are traveling on, we do all we can to make your trip rewarding and enjoyable. All of our motorcoaches feature the luxury of extra-wide, glare-proof windows and reclining seats. A seat rotation program is followed to allow each traveler an equal opportunity for viewing the sights from different perspectives. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this courtesy. No seats are reserved, with the exception of the seat behind the driver, which is reserved for the Tour Manager. To prevent injury, please remain seated while the motorcoach is in motion. If you find it necessary to move around, please do so carefully, holding on to the seatbacks of the coach. For the protection of all passengers please be extremely careful when removing your carry-on bag, or other stored items, from the overhead rack. Your driver maintains the temperature of the coach for the comfort of all passengers. Since individual thermostats vary, you may want to bring a sweater along while traveling.

Free Home or Local Pickup

For travelers residing in the fifteen county Chicagoland area, your tour begins when we pick you up right at your home. If you live outside the fifteen county area, we have several convenient local pickup locations near you to get you started on a great holiday.

More information about Mayflower Tours home and local pickup for:

Proof of Citizenship – Canada & Mexico Travel

U.S. citizens when traveling to Canada or Mexico by air are required to carry a valid passport. No other documents will be accepted. U.S. citizens when traveling to Mexico and Canada can use a valid passport (preferred) or a photo ID along with a certified copy (with raised seal) of their birth certificate. Citizens of other countries should check with the consulate to verify the documents required for entry into Canada or Mexico.

U.S. & Canada Customs and Imigration

Entry into Canada:
Upon arrival at the first port or airport of entry to Canada, you will be required to show proof of citizenship (see valid forms of ID above) as you pass through Immigration. If your first port of entry is not your final destination and you are connecting to another Canadian city, you must claim your luggage and take it through Canadian Customs (carts available). After clearing Customs, your luggage must be re-checked to your final destination city and you then proceed to your connecting departure gate.

If the first port of entry is your final destination, you may then proceed to Baggage Claim to get your luggage and then to Canadian Customs. After clearing Customs, follow the instructions on transferring to your hotel which appear earlier in these documents.

Re-entry into the U.S.:
U.S. citizens clear Immigration and Customs before leaving Canada. If you are connecting through another Canadian city, you will complete these formalities at the last airport before leaving the country. Your luggage will be tagged when you check-in but you must take it with you (carts available) until after clearing U.S. Immigration and Customs. Be sure to get your boarding pass at check-in. After clearing U.S. Customs, you then put your luggage on the baggage belt and then you will be able to proceed through Security and to your assigned gate.

Visas – U.S. Passport Holders – International Travel

U.S. citizens must have valid passports, with an expiration date of at least six months after the scheduled return date, when traveling to Europe. Please make two facsimile copies of the signature and photo page of your passport. One should be kept apart from your passport, and the other should be given to your Tour Manager. In a very few places a visa is needed – Mayflower Tours will inform you if your departure needs one. You should also make a copy of your airline ticket and keep it separate from the ticket itself.

Airport Departure Taxes & Other Fees

Not all international departure taxes are permitted to be collected on the airline ticket. Please note that these taxes and other fees are subject to change without notice. Also, any additional fees imposed by the airline industry, such as fuel surcharges, will be passed along to our tour members. Any departure taxes imposed by foreign countries would be paid by the traveler at time of departure from that country, and in local currency.

Special note for travelers to and from Canada: Many airports in Canada impose an "Airport Improvement Fee" which is collected prior to departure. This fee (approximately $10.00CAD or $7.00USD) can be paid in either currency or by credit card and is the responsibility of each tour member.

No Smoking Please

Mayflower Tours has a no-smoking policy on the motorcoach. Frequent rest and meal stops are made, providing ample time for those who wish to smoke. Observance of this requirement helps assure the well-being of all members of the tour.

Cellular Telephone Usage

We understand the need to stay in touch with family and friends back home however we request to please refrain from using cellular telephones while on the coach. This will enable you and your traveling companions to receive full enjoyment from the tour.

A Final Word

So there you have it! Your next responsibility is simply to sit back, relax and have the time of your life. Enjoy yourself!