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The Spirit of Frida Kahlo Tour

January 10, 2017


Frida Kahlo was a surrealist painter who is world-renowned for her self-reflection through a unique artistic style. Come with us when we walk in her footsteps in April 2017.

Frida Kahlos' revolutionary style broke social norms to showcase natural beauty. Her turbulent life started at a young age when she contracted Polio. At the age of 18, Frida had a near death experience when she was involved in a bus accident and a handrail went through her body. Her love life was not any calmer than her health. She divorced her first husband and married Diego Rivera, a famous artist, who supported her art. Their relationship was rocky, at best, but survived affairs, one divorce, and one re-marriage. All her life events shaped her artistic style. Many would say that her dreamlike images created a persona that combines tender and fierce personalities.

You can choose from either an eight or eleven day holiday to Mexico where we will be accompanied by Hank Hine, the Dali Museum Executive Director, and his wife Laura Hine. Through local English speaking guides and the expertise from Mr. and Mrs. Hines, we will explore the strength and reliance that is Frida Kahlo along with the tumultuous events that shaped her life and art. The Spirit of Frida Kahlo tour provides a unique view on both Frida and her husband, Diego Rivera’s life while fully immersing you in the locations where history took place.

Benefits included in the Spirit of Frida Kahlo tour:

  • Dali membership included ($60 value)
  • Many historical sites that are hard for the public to see (exclusive viewing)
  • Gorgeous and historic hotels
  • Up to 21 Meals included (13 for 8 day tours)
  • Many artists included – surrealist focus
  • Visit the Blue house and House Museum Doleres Olmedo
  • See true and real works of art

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