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The Great American Solar Eclipse

April 12, 2017

Attention all photographers, stargazers, and history buffs!

A solar eclipse will be visible on August 21, 2017, this is the first time that a total solar eclipse can be seen across the U.S. since 1979! Join us at a carefully researched location for optimal viewing of this amazing celestial event.


At the time known as C1 (first contact), the Moon's disk will first touch the edge of the Sun. Now, the Sun is a very bright thing, and you cannot look at it without the right eye protection (which we provide) in front of your eyes. So don't try. Assuming you have the right filters in front of your eyes, and always keeping them there when you're looking at the uneclipsed or partially-eclipsed Sun, you should try and find that very first little nibble the Moon makes as its first touching the Sun's disk.

Over the next hour and a half, this bite will grow, and will turn the Sun into more and more of a crescent shape. You have to really use your imagination to visualize the moon moving in front of the Sun, because it looks for all the world like simply a big bite that's getting bigger as some unseen monster's hunger remains unsatisfied even after incessant munching.


Want to see this for yourself? We have several carefully researched locations across the US where you can see the solar eclipse in totality! To find out more about these tours, click here or follow the link below: