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History and Culture Awaits on the Portugal and the Douro River Cruise

April 14, 2017

The Douro River is a mysterious, relaxing and exotic place filled with rolling hills, friendly people and amazing wine.
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A Unesco World Heritage site since 2001, the Douro is a majestic wilderness, one of the oldest demarcated wine regions in the world, but a surprisingly silent place, apart from three bustling weeks of harvest each autumn.

The Douro is perfect for those who want to travel in luxury and embrace history. Although a Douro cruise sets a pretty leisurely pace, there are some wonderful experiences along the way. We will wander around medieval hilltop villages that have barely changed over the centuries, visit the cellars of some of the big port-growing dynasties and learn about Portuguese folklore.


Porto, one of the ports of call on our tour, is actually one of the oldest European centers! Dating back to 300 BC, Porto culture was a wonderful mix of Proto-Celtic and Celtic until the Roman occupation in 711 AD. This unique mix of culture can be seen in the architecture and arts surrounding the city.
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Porto is known for its wine and food as well! Made from the grapes grown alongside the Douro river, the red wine known as port originated in Porto and is known for its sweet and unique taste that is referred to as brandy, yet bears little resemblance to commercial brandies.


Find out more about our Portugal and the Douro River Cruise by watching the below video, clicking here or following the link to our website below:

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