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Destination Spotlight: Authentic Cuba

February 02, 2015

A country rich in history and culture – Cuba is undoubtedly a resilient country having faced many hardships, emerged stronger and with a tremendous sense of pride. When many envision Cuba, they can feel the wind in their hair as they travel in one of the many vintage cars of every imaginable color that give Cuba a certain historic charm – like stepping back in time. Since 1959, many Cubans had been prevented from importing foreign cars and car parts – resulting in a now popular tourist attraction. Locals have used the original or created custom parts to keep these unique cars on the road.

Another attraction are the privately owned and operated restaurants, called “paladars”– often in the home of the owner. Some even welcome you into the kitchen to assist in preparing the meal – a truly unique experience. Typical Cuban cuisine includes pork, fowl, rice, beans, stews, tropical fruits and much more!

And of course, one cannot think of Cuba without envisioning the world famous Cuban cigars. Cigar factories offer tours and cigar bars are a popular destination for social gatherings. The history and culture of Cuba make it a must see destination. Experience authentic Cuba as it is today!

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